BHPS students are lucky to have spacious and varied outdoor play spaces to explore and enjoy. Nature Learning is an important way of helping students achieve balance with daily technology use, as they exercise their bodies and minds in new ways.

PLINC (Playing, Learning and Inquiring in Nature’s Classroom)

Teamwork, problem-solving and creativity are important life skills that grow with PLINC. All Junior Primary students enjoy weekly nature play sessions where they might work in groups to build a cubby, hunt for natural treasures, or explore textures and shapes in their environment.

Nature Play

During recess and lunch breaks, children can choose to play on traditional playground equipment or make use of natural materials for building cubbies, lookouts and other creations. The sandpit, creek bed and sheoak forest allow children to explore and engineer in ways that build their physical skills and their imaginations.

Kitchen Garden

Students gain hands-on experience of gardening at the same time as learning about healthy eating, life cycles and environmental sustainability.
Students plant, nurture and harvest fresh organic produce in the Bellevue Garden Patch. Students love getting to know our family of hens who provide free-range, organic eggs as well as recycling our food scraps. Of course, the most exciting part of the process is getting to cook and eat what we have grown!