Our Robotics program equips students for the careers of the future, but also teaches important life skills. While they have fun learning about building, programming and coding, students are also developing teamwork, problem-solving and creative thinking skills.

From Reception through to Year 7, all students have access to age-appropriate robotics platforms:

  • Bee Bots teach our youngest students about directions, counting, sequencing and planning.
  • We Do Robotics are a pre-cursor to the Mindstorm system use by older students. Children can design robot features and then program their creations using tablet or desktop computers.
  • Edison robots are an Australian invention that allow students to program using Scratch, Python or Blockly.
  • Lego™ Mindstorm EV3 robotics kits allow students to build and program robots to complete complex tasks.

Senior students can participate in the Australia-wide Robo Cup competition. BHPS Robo Cup teams have been successful each year over the past decade. In 2016 a team of BHPS competed in the national finals in Brisbane.