We recognise that reducing our own ecological footprint provides powerful learning experiences to children.

Our students learn how to make sustainable choices for our environment through hands-on experience. Every class participates in:

  • waste reduction and recycling,
  • conserving energy and water, and
  • learning about biodiversity through direct interactions with nature.

An organic kitchen garden allows students to get their hands dirty gaining practical skills whilst learning about life cycles, biodiversity and composting. The children then enjoy cooking and eating the fresh produce that they have nurtured from seed.
Our hens help students develop empathy for living things, whilst also learning about life cycles, organic waste and food production.

Our expansive grounds provide space for children to explore natural and built environments. Nature Play areas complement traditional play spaces to provide opportunities for students to explore natural materials, processes and biodiversity as they play in imaginative ways.

Senior students are currently developing “Bellevue National Park” – an area for establishing indigenous species to create a wildlife corridor – in collaboration with local conservation groups. Our environmental initiatives extend beyond the school fence, as we collaborate with local conservation groups to benefit neighbouring reserves.