The Governing Council, comprising staff and parents, meets twice each term to discuss school policies, practices and events. Parents are encouraged to submit ideas and concerns to the council via one of the elected members.

Sub-committees of the Governing Council provide opportunities for parents to contribute expertise and time to school projects. Sub-committees include: Parents & Friends, Finance, Promotions and Education.

Committee Members 2019

Tash GrundyChairperson
David FilcoffDeputy Chairperson
Eleanor ParkerSecretary
Kristy BiggsTreasurer
Craig PauesFacilities Committee Convenor
David FilcoffEducation Committee Convenor
Michelle Leopold & Kristy BiggsP&F Convenor
Andrew CassettiBellevue Garden Patch
Kristy BiggsOSHC Management
Kristy BiggsFinance Committee
Eleanor Parker & Tash GrundyPromotions Committee

Governing Council Minutes 2019

Governing Council Meeting 4 March 2019

Governing Council Meeting 25 March 2019

Governing Council Meeting 20 May 2019

Governing Council Meeting 12 August 2019

Governing Council September 9 2019