Bellevue Heights Primary School Uniform Policy
Uniforms and Dress Code
Department for Education School Dress Code Procedure


Bellevue Heights Primary School has a school dress code policy.  The uniform selected is flexible, based around the school colours of maroon and sky blue with a variety of interchangeable pieces allowing for choice and individual preferences.

The Bellevue Heights Primary School uniform policy is compulsory and includes clothing suitable for everyday physical activities, as well as academic pursuits.

The school believes that the wearing of a school uniform creates a positive school identity and public image.  We believe our uniform items maintain choice for individuals, are mindful of protection, allow for a variety of physical activities, reflect principles of equality of opportunity and are cost effective.

School uniform are required for all students attending events such as excursions, performances, school photographs or inter-school activities.

This policy is supported by the Governing Council and the Parents & Friends Committee.

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BHPS Submitted Uniform Policy v2

School Uniform Price List