All students benefit from a comprehensive Arts program, delivered by specialist teachers.

Performing Arts

Students learn the fundamentals of music theory while engaging in fun, hands-on music lessons that incorporate a range of musical instruments and musical styles. Children learn to critically listen to different types of music and interpret them through dance and drama. All students are encouraged to perform to their class to help develop their confidence in front of groups.

The junior and senior choirs provide performance opportunities both at school and in the community.

Dance and drama allow students to collaborate creatively as they learn how to move their bodies and use their voice to express ideas and feelings.

Private music lessons are available at the school in strings, woodwind, guitar and piano.

In 2019 all students will learn to play the ukulele. We have been fortunate enough to have had a class set of ukuleles donated by the Blackwood Rotary club which will enable all students to have the opportunity to learn an instrument.

Visual Arts

Our specialist art teacher provides an innovative learning program that allows students to explore drawing, painting, printing and sculpture techniques. With a foundation in fundamentals, students can pursue topics that inspire them to develop their own artistic works.