At Bellevue Heights Primary School we are welcoming, open and caring. We value the role of our parents as well as our partnerships with the broader community to improve student outcomes. Because we believe in respectful relationships, the social justice principles of equity and fairness underpin our work with all students, staff and families. We encourage our students to seek to understand and value the perspectives of others.

We are committed to developing global citizens who are independent, lifelong learners. Our teaching and learning programs encourage students to reach their highest potential.

Bellevue Heights believes it has a responsibility to be a leader in the community in sustainable living through practice and education of the school community. We value the environment and are conscious of the ecological footprint that we leave.

We recognise the value of Nature Play to foster imagination, curiosity and creativity. Our students have both formal and informal opportunities to participate in Nature Play programs.

We look forward to showing you our great school.